Two Week Hymn Contest

We are seeking three categories of hymns for which there have not yet been enough submissions. From March 2nd – March 16th, 2015, you can submit hymns in any of these categories. They can be either ones of you have already written, or something new that you write for this contest, but they need to fit into one of the following categories.

1st Category: Priesthood Hymns (Hymns about the priesthood, either for men’s or mixed voices. Both men and women are encouraged to submit to this category.)

2nd Category: Relief Society Hymns (Hymns appropriate for Relief Society, either for women’s or mixed voices. Both men and women are encouraged to submit to this category.)

3rd Category: Youth/Children Hymns (Hymns/songs that are appropriate for children or youth. Focus on teaching gospel principles.)

There will be two winners in each category: Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice. The judge’s choice will be made by a committee of three LDS composers. The people’s choice will be based on a voting process.

Each winner will be given a $10 gift card and guaranteed publication in “As Saints We Sing”. All entries will be considered for publication in the same collection.

All hymns must meet the submission guidelines of the “As Saints We Sing” project. view the submission guidelines here:

Submit as a .pdf or .mus file to


Evening Prayer

As part of my ongoing hymnbook project, I reworked one of the first hymns I ever wrote as a teenager. I am so happy to see how much I’ve grown as a musical since then.

Evening Prayer SATB

Here are the words:

As I close my eyes, serene, contemplating all I’ve seen.

I thank Thee, Lord, that I might say

I’ve seen Thy hand throughout my day.

I’ve felt Thy warm and gentle touch.

I’ve seen reflected just how much Thou lovest me!

In humility I pray, Lord, please grant me one more day,

To see and touch, to feel and prove,

The wondrous blessings of Thy love

To those who need Thy tender care.

To bless them is my evening prayer.

Just one more week to submit hymns, which can be sent to

Update on Projects

Hello, all! If you are wondering why I haven’t posted much on this site lately, it is because I am deeply in the thick of two wonderful musical projects that are taking much of my time. I am still working on the “As Saints We Sing” hymnbook, and have received over 200 submissions so far. The submission period goes through the end of February and I am still looking for more Priesthood and Relief Society hymns in particular.

For my other music project, I am endeavoring to write a simple hymn for each of the 100 new scripture mastery passages. There are 25 from each of the standard works. I have already started composing hymn texts, but would welcome some collaboration on what is a very large project.

I have organized the effort in this Google Doc:…/1fe-fNlGx9vsKQvznn-URJfGQo5…/edit…

This project is also going along nicely, and could always use a few more collaborators. Please let me know if you are interested.

The Lord Bless You and Keep You

I am back for the new year, and ready to write more music. For my first offering, I have my own setting of one of my favorite texts, “The Lord Bless You and Keep You.” I used to sing this one often as it was the “benediction” piece we sang at all of my high school choir concerts and gigs. I have dedicated this version to my choir director, David Barthelmess.

The Lord Bless You and Keep You

I Stand All Amazed/Death Shall Not Destroy My Comfort

Today, we have a version of “I Stand All Amazed” set to the tune of the folk song “Death Shall Not Destroy My Comfort”

Here’s a version by the BYU Men’s Chorus of “Death Shall Not Destroy My Comfort”.


I Stand All Amazed Simple

O Holy Night in a New Setting

I have always loved the words and music to “O Holy Night” and so the challenge to write an alternate setting to it was a daunting one. I used the same words, but conjured a new setting that I hope captures the excitement and awe of the words.

O Holy Night SATB

Nearer My God to Thee/My Song in the Night

Today, the offering is a version of “Nearer, My God to Thee” set to the beautiful folk song melody “My Song in the Night. Here is a version of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing “My Song in the Night”.

I feel like the tune fits the plaintive mood of the words.

Nearer My God to Thee (alt) SATB